I suddenly decided it was about time to write my bucket list. I started last night with a couple of ideas and it’s now snowballed into Trello board with multiple lists and lists within lists… Safe to say I have things to do that will keep me going for the rest of my life!

I realised that the last couple of years I haven’t really done much, I’ve kind of just plodded along working and not really exploring or experiencing things as much as I would have liked. Granted a lot of my time was taken up with planning a wedding (we got married in September), but now all that is over with and Christmas has just about passed, it’s time to start my new adventures. I’m beginning to get a bit obsessed!

For 2017 I’ve decided on the following already (not all booked, more of a plan for now).

January/February – 3 weeks in Thailand (Honeymoon) Booked
February – Carnival of Venice (Weekend)
March – Festival in Valencia (Weekend for a friend’s Hen Party)
April/May – 10 days in California  Booked
June – Belgium with the hubby (Weekend)
August – Amsterdam Pride & Edinburgh Festival (Weekends)
September – Spain (Weekend for friend’s wedding)
October – Oktoberfest in Munich (Weekend)
December – Iceland for Christmas (10 days)

Thaaaaat’s quite a lot…. Also booked Tough Mudder in April and I want to do another Wolf Run too. I’ll have to do a lot of working to fund all that, but as I say I work to live not live to work so it’ll all be worth it.

This week I want to get Venice booked and I’ve just started looking into the finer details of what I want to do in Thailand. There’s just too much for 3 weeks! The next few days i’ll be coming up with a loose itinerary – I don’t want to book too much in advance. Probably just the first couple of days in Bangkok then straight to Chiang Mai for a few days.

I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a good year. I can’t wait!